Normy the Beer Man?

In the marketing world, it’s called extending the campaign. You take a message delivered at a 50,000 foot level, usually via broadcast ads, and then employ PR tactics that bring that message down-to-earth, where the target audience can touch, feel and experience it.

Or even get a buzz off of it.

Steve Novick, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Oregon, is running one of the most intriguing political marketing campaigns of this election cycle. Ok, so there isn’t a lot of competition, but it’s still a fun one. We earlier featured an ad that used an innovative beer opening technique to hook voters. Now Novick is extending that campaign, by running on that most popular of campaign promises, free beer.


Actually, it’s not so free — ten bucks a bottle. And if this guy can win on a promise of $10/bottle beer, he’s a heckuva politician.

If this political fad hits Minnesota, one wonders what the likes of Al Franken, Tim Palwenty, Norm Coleman, Jim Oberstar, Michelle Bachmann, Ole Savior and other Minnesota politicians will name their signature steam, porter, wheat, stout, ale, lambic or lager?

– Loveland

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2 thoughts on “Normy the Beer Man?

  1. jloveland says:

    I’m assured offline that the Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene, OR makes yummy beer. A couple bottles are reportedly on the way. This is the first tangible benefit of blogging I’ve yet encountered.

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