The Downside of Experience

Senator Obama can tell you that being relatively new to Washington has a political downside. Senator McCain can tell you that being a Washington fixture for decades also has a downside.

As bad as it is for Democrats right now, it’s going to get bad for McCain too.

Some of the points made in this video are valid, but this snotty tone and childishly simplistic argumentation is very bad for our democracy. Ads like this will keep getting used by scorched earth 527 groups until they stop working.

It’s going to be a very long seven months.

– Loveland business funding kind

7 thoughts on “The Downside of Experience

  1. Curtis says:

    You guys really need a conservative on your blog to help level out the political insight. Otherwise you should call it the Same Liberal White Guys. Just a friendly thought.

  2. Curtis says:

    Of course it’s going to be hard to find a conservative Hispanic female – especially in our far city. But Benidt had mentioned Scott Meyer’s republican leanings. Given his unmatched communications experience, he may be the 10 oz. weight you need to help move the scale and achieve even greater insight.

  3. Hornseth says:

    Hey, Curtis — good to see you in the mix again. Don’t be a stranger.

    As the Crowd’s self-described token centrist (I don’t know what Keliher calls himself), I don’t know how one can even approach the idea of offsetting Benidt. But perhaps we can try.


  4. jloveland says:

    I’ll step into the confessional too…

    I voted for the Independent candidate in the last two gubernatorial elections, which makes Wellstonians conclude I’m a conservative and Pawlentyites conclude I’m a commie. I find I lean more conservative when working more heavily with NGO/government-related clients and more liberal when working with corporate clients, which I guess makes me a contrarian. Or a multiple personality disorder victim. I’m sure I look more liberal than usual these days because I’ve been duped by the Obama cult.

    Bottom line: I call myself a liberal, but liberal friends assure me I’m mistaken.

  5. Curtis says:

    Thanks, Gary. It’s always a little intimidating to post to this site.

    I’m adopting Mr. Loveland’s contrarian moniker. I always seem to jump back and forth depending on the topic.

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