Just Words, Just Black

I’ve seen a lot of red hot commentary on cable news, but this clip from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann about the Ferarro comments about Obama and racial politics may be the reddest, hottest.

As catharctic as this is for a weary Obamaniac, coverage like this is not a victory for Obama. Every day the Democratic primary is focused on race is a bad day for Obama. It’s a day in which Obama isn’t focused on his winning tone and issues. It’s a day raw racial scabs are being picked. While some may interpret the Ferarro controversy as a ding for the Clinton campaign, it has helped Clinton more than it has hurt her.

– Loveland

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2 thoughts on “Just Words, Just Black

  1. jloveland says:

    For this candidate in this position, I’m a cheek-turner. No eye-for-eye. No victimhood. Turn the cheek, and kill ’em with kindness.

    Something like: “As someone who has spent over twenty years in public service, you can’t imagine how difficult it is to not respond to this gutter politics with more gutter politics. As good as that might temporarily feel, America can’t afford that. I’ll gladly engage in a vigorous debate about health care reform, job creation, education, the Iraq war, tax cuts for the middle class or any other issue with Senator Clinton and McCain. Bring it on. But it is beneath all of us to debate these daily personal attacks. As frustrating and wrong-headed as those personal attacks are, I’m just not going there. I maybe could score points by going there, but we as a country can’t afford it, and we as leaders must lead by example. Enough.”

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