Apologizing Spitzer Style

Governor Spitzer’s just-concluded appearance in which he announced his resignation effective Monday was classic Spitzer…aggressive, to-the-point and blunt. He provided no details of his “failings” as he termed them – clearly has drawn a line that says “we’re not going there” – and also made it clear at several points that he’s removing himself from public life. This, of course, won’t stop the media digging and questioning, but it’s probably the right way for him to handle it.

A tough day for the Governor and the Spitzer family but they’re probably through the worst of it now – assuming he’s come clean to his wife and prepared her for what’s still to be revealed via the media – and assuming there’s no truly horrific twists like he videoed his trysts or there are pictures of him playing some weird form of dress-up.

– Austin payroll accounting kind