Tag-Teaming the Spitzer Story

The latest word – at least according to the New York Times – is that no resignation announcement is expected today from Governor Spitzer. While that’s not terribly surprising, what really caught my eye about this article was the list of Timesmen and Timeswomen engaged on the story:

“Danny Hakim reported from Albany and William K. Rashbaum from New York City. Reporting for this and other articles about Gov. Eliot Spitzer was contributed by John Sullivan, Jennifer Anderson, Cara Buckley, Sewell Chan, Sushil Cheema, David W. Chen, Alison Leigh Cowan, Jane Gottlieb, Jason Grant, Kate Hammer, Patrick Healy, Raymond Hernandez, C. J. Hughes, Andrew Jacobs, Daryl Khan, David Kocieniewski, Serge F. Kovaleski, Angela Macropoulos, Colin Moynihan, Don Van Natta Jr., Patrick McGeehan, Jeremy W. Peters, Sam Roberts and Stacey Stowe.”

Twenty-six reporters from the Times alone. Former NYT editor Howell Raines, the chief advocate for the “flooding the zone” style of covering big stories, would be proud.

– Austin pell grants kind