Don’t Blink…You May Miss Eliot Spitzer’s Resignation Announcement

No, he hasn’t announced yet, but the speed at which this drama is unfolding makes me want to be near from a TV and computer today. In about 18 hours, Lovernor Spitzer has suffered one of the most rapid descents in American politics. According to several news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, his resignation could come as early as today.

There are several reasons for this dive to deck, but the two most important, I think, are 1) this was apparently not a one-night stand and that there’s some kink to the story (the affidavit reports some of the women described the Lovernor as “difficult” and “would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe – you know – I mean that . . . very basic things.”) and 2) Mr. Spitzer has made a lot of enemies over the years and they are – to a person it seems – eager to pile on now. It’s interesting that a good amount of the resignation buzz can be traced back to an anonymous source described as an aide to Lovernor, implying either that person is acting on orders/acquiescence from on high or that the insiders are jumping ship. Either way, not a good sign.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Blink…You May Miss Eliot Spitzer’s Resignation Announcement

  1. Kelly Groehler says:

    This morning on Marketplace, they said the NYSE erputed in cheers yesterday afternoon when this news broke…

  2. jmaustin says:

    Invoke all the cliches you want…”People who live in glass houses…”, “Live by the sword…”, “What goes around…” but this is a modern example of all of them. There’s a lot of people who feel like they’ve been screwed over by Mr. Spitzer who are positively ecstatic.

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