Client #9’s PR Problem

Governor Eliot Spitzer’s brief statement today represents an interesting case study in crisis management.  Clearly, he is trying to get out in front of the story by making a statement that acknowledges some unspecified lapses on his part and that offers apologies to his family, friends and constituents.  By invoking the phrase “private matter” and stressing about three times that he is most concerned about his “family” he’s also trying to signal that his issues – whatever they ultimately turn out to be – are not really appropriate topics for public discussion.

Good luck with that.

Right now, hundreds of reporters between Albany and Washington, DC, plus an army of bloggers, pundits and others across the world are raising a dustcloud that is going to linger over Client #9’s head for the foreseeable future.  Part of this will be driven by the natural response of the media and the blogosphere to any story like this – powerful politician unmasked to reveal a darker side – but part of it is the “Gotcha” payback to a guy who has built his career by taking down bad guys including – ironically – a couple of prostitution rings.  This ain’t going away with a statement pleading for privacy, especially one as lame as his:

If the Lovernor has a hope of preserving his public career, he’ll be back in front of the media – as awful as that will be – pretty damned quick with a full accounting of his predilections in this area. He may not need to recount every detail (“My preference is for blondes in nurses outfits…”) – even though that is going to come out, particularly if he’s bent in some particularly kinky way – but he’s going to have to answer how long, how many, has he been tested for STDs, has his wife, will they, are they going to stay together, will they seek counseling, will he resign, what if he’s indicted, convicted and on and on. He’s going to need his wife to not only be at his side but to speak on his behalf as well.

Look for pictures of the woman in question within the next 48 hours.  Given the proximity of the incident, there’s probably still lots of security camera footage around.  Oh, joy.

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5 thoughts on “Client #9’s PR Problem

  1. Kelly Groehler says:

    Oh, come on now. Bill didn’t, and look at where it got him and his wife a decade-plus later.

  2. kadetcomm says:

    Ah, but Bill didn’t transport the young lady across state lines for illicit purposes.

    This one is far from a private matter. Governor Spitzer might consider asking Attorney General Spitzer as to whether this is a private matter. The AG would have hauled the Gov before the cameras himself.

    If he’s wants privacy, he’ll have to resign.

  3. That he (allegedly, presumably, whatever-edly) cheated on his wife is a private matter. That prostitution is illegal and he appears to have partaken is a public matter.

  4. Kelly Groehler says:

    Re: what Hillary is thinking at this moment: “deja vu.” This does nothing for her, other than shake Monica’s skeleton out from the cupboard. Any wagers – how long before Ms. Lewinsky shows up on the circuit, giving the Anderson Coopers some sage perspective on the situation? Maybe she’s on tonight! I’ll go check…

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