Thin Beer…Good Tactic

As a contrast with Loveland’s post below of Senator McCain getting snippy with his press corps, I offer up Senator Clinton’s trip to the back of the plane, beer in hand, for a similar press availability:

Please don’t think for a second that this was anything other than a deliberate set piece created by the campaign to show that Ms. Clinton remained relaxed and confident a day before her last chance to stay in the race (the video was shot last Monday, the day before the Ohio and Texas primaries), but the important observation is that the set piece worked. While she doesn’t look entirely natural quaffing a cold one, she does come across as calm, comfortable and in control, a contrast to the conventional wisdom of the day that she was “resigned to losing” the nomination battle and/or in a “grim, last-ditch fight.”

B+ for campaign performance art.

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5 thoughts on “Thin Beer…Good Tactic

  1. Has a candidate *ever* appeared before a media mob holding an adult beverage (if you can consider anything in a keg-party cup a true “adult” beverage)? Don’t get me wrong – I’m in no way criticizing the drinking. If that’s how she rolls in her private life, I have no problem seeing a hint of that in her public life. God knows I’ve had a beer or three in my day.

    But I’ve never, ever seen anything like this. It’s pretty well known that Barack Obama smokes like a chimney, but I’ll be damned if we’ll ever see him firing up a heater in an informal, “just hangin’ with the Associated Press” chit-chat.

    This seems very awkward and very forced. She seems afraid of the beer. Maybe it’s just because she’s blazing new ground. As I said, I’ve never seen this before. It’s almost like the mostly positive campaign Obama is running so far – nearly unheard of!

  2. Oh I watched this last week and felt quite the opposite. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Hillary advocate, but I thought she looked uncomfortable and even noticed some awkward silences between her and the press corp listening to her blather on about how she’s such good friends with Ted Danson. I mean, c’mon, Ted Danson is the best she can pull out for celebrity support? Sigh. I’m sorry folks, I could never vote for this woman.

  3. Is Clinton, like Obama, a leftie? The way she held that cup, high and in the shot, and the lipsmacking after the this-won’t-give-me-a-moustache-will-it-? sip were about as natural as Danson’s laugh.

  4. jmaustin says:

    Just to show you that it’s getting harder and harder to be funnier than reality, Fox News actually brought in a “body language expert” to analyze the fact that Hillary is holding the beer cup with her non-dominant hand (she is in fact a rightie) and concluded that this revealed the fakiness of the event.

    Check out Media Matter’s take on the issue.

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