Bored ’08

Watching the Obama and Clinton campaigns go more negative, petty and process-focused in daily increments, it occurs to me that the contest has suddenly become something neither campaign will welcome.


An interesting communications challenge. How do you sustain something resembling supporter enthusiasm when the weeks ahead look to feature snarkiness, procedural battles and exchanges of 53%-47% primary wins leading to nobody winning the nomination outright? Especially when a lot of Democrats, while having a preference, seem to be OK with either option.

And could there be a small but increasing chance that the stalemate will become so intractable, harmful to the two of them (and boring) that the convention ends up handing the keys to a bright, shiny, unbludgeoned someone else? 

Stranger things….

— Hornseth payroll service kind

4 thoughts on “Bored ’08

  1. Kelly Groehler says:

    That’s funny, given how much the right has bludgeoned Gore (whether you like the guy or not).

    Hey, Hornseth, some of us were already bored a few months’ back. Welcome to the party…

  2. jloveland says:

    It doesn’t look like the public is there, yet.

    According to Pew, the far and away top story that people are following is the campaign (47%), with the economy (17%) and Iraq (12%) distant silver and gold medal winners.

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