Wanted: Spokesperson for Obama ’08; Foreign Policy Experience Preferred

I suspect there’s a job opening in the Obama campaign this morning for a foreign policy advisor to replace Susan Rice, the spokesperson for the campaign who yesterday told MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson:

“Clinton hasn’t had to answer the phone at three o’clock in the morning and yet she attacked Barack Obama for not being ready. They’re both not ready to have that 3 a.m. phone call.”


OK, being a spokesperson isn’t a dangerous job in the real sense of the word. Nobody’s shooting at you (usually, in this country) and even the objects that occasionally get thrown at the lectern are soft (mostly). Nor is it hard in the way that coal mining or surgery is and it’s not stressful like lots of jobs with life-or-death consequences. But…it is a high-wire act where one misstatement can mean the end of a career and – as Senator Obama (or Governor Patrick?) says – words do matter. I feel for Ms. Rice. small business finance kind

6 thoughts on “Wanted: Spokesperson for Obama ’08; Foreign Policy Experience Preferred

  1. Archibald C. Bunker says:

    The spokesperson for Obama’s foreign policy can’t precede the policy itself – because he has none.

    It’s little sticking point I like to call substance. This guy is the Jesse Jackson of presidential politics.

  2. As a PR person, I would not wish a campaign spokesperson’s life, schedule or responsibility on my worst enemy…well, maybe only on the Clinton campaign. What’s most interesting is that both camps have essentially said they’re in it until their opponent “screws up.” We’ll see who falls hardest and why – and that will be the sad end to a really interesting caucus/primary season.

  3. jmaustin says:

    Addendum: There’s a bit of a backlash on the internet that the clip posted to YouTube is too short to provide the full context of Ms. Rice’s comments. The New York Times has posted a longer transcript which I’m reprinting here (because I can’t figure out how to insert a hyperlink into a comment):

    Mr. CARLSON: So Hillary Clinton runs this ad, the famous red phone ad, that says when the phone rings at 3 o’clock in the morning, you know, who do you trust to make those snap decisions that could hold all of our lives in the balance? And the Obama campaign, I thought very wisely, came back and said, name one that you — you know name a situation where you’ve judged a foreign policy crisis, and she couldn’t.

    I’m going to ask the same question to you. Where has — Barack Obama been in a position where he has to make those kinds of decisions?

    MS RICE: He hasn’t and he hasn’t claimed that he’s been in a position to have to answer the phone at 3 o’clock in the morning in a crisis situation. That’s the difference between the two of them. Hillary Clinton hasn’t had to answer the phone at 3 o’clock in the morning. And yet she attacked Barack Obama for not being ready. They’re both not ready to have that 3:00 a.m. phone call.

    The question is and what Barack Obama raised is, when that phone call is received for each of them for the first time, who’s going to make the right judgment? Who is going to make the right decision?

    On the critical foreign policy issues of the day, whether it was a decision to go to war in Iraq or the decision to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt and beat the drums of war with Iran, Hillary Clinton has made the same wrong judgment as John McCain and George W. Bush. Barack Obama has made a very different judgment.

    So neither one of them, and nor John McCain for that matter, have had that 3 o’clock phone call that others have had. And I think we have to be honest about that.

    Doesn’t really change my perception of the situation. She mispoke and created an opening for Senator Obama’s opponents to control – just a little – today’s “conversation” and that shouldn’t have happened. Google “Susan Rice” from the News page and you’ll see: “How Not to Respond to the 3 AM Ad” and “Obama Advisor Slips Up” and “McCain Camp: I Agree With Obama Aide on Both Democrats’ Lack of Preparedness”. And, I haven’t even checked the blogs.

    Oops, oops, oops.

    – Austin

  4. Bill Dewey says:

    Nobody alive has actually faced that phone call, with the United States national security in danger, alll the lies of the Bush administration to the contrary. The person I want to see on the other end of that line is one who never lets go of his or her vision of the world as it should be, and will respond to REAL danger accordingly. And yes, I think that’s Barak Obama more so than Hillary R.

  5. I guess I can’t ever be president. If my phone were to ring at 3 in the morning, I’d blow shit up. Not in the foreign policy sense but in the “why the *hell* are you calling me at 3 in the damn morning?!” sense.

    You know, “I’m the Decider in Chief! I have a hard job! I need my sleep!”

    Also, I skew Libertarian, so no one would vote for me.

  6. Um I’m only a commercial property superintendent. Apart from making certain that the commercial block for which I am happily responsible is kept and remains exemplary in function and appearance, and that the HVAC, lights, alarms, IT infrastructure, water sewer and roof all operate correctly, I guess someone like me is counted as being pretty dim and dumb compared to a rising bright fella’ such as Mister Barak Obama.

    Now hear this: This-here block-long by half-block deep vessel’s deck is MY WATCH. If something breaks at 3 AM, believe me, I roust out and FIX IT PDQ. I even call help when I need it. And this is how I keep MY place in MY Fair City while retired on Social Security Disability.

    You know, that long-despoiled Social Security public trust fund thingie? Looks like neither Ms. Clinton nor Mr. Obama are likely to actually chase the hijackers’ piggy-phat fingers out of the Retiree’s Till so’s to actually keep it operable, once elected. They both clearly (tho’ not so openly) prefer a globalized flattened-out stomped-down workforce, that is quite plain. Insurance? ANY insurance??? Hey, Brother, just help me stop LMAO and pick myself up off my sidewalk! Your kind have pulled THAT one on me BEFORE!

    Back to the phone call. I point this out: If I can do it at all (and I DO), the President of MY SWEET AMERICA had right well best be able to do it too. No excuses, no second-guessing, no mistakes,. No lies, no second-rate excuses, no bullshit.

    No HeckuvvaJobBrownies. No terrorcrap forced down my throat. I am TIRED of you BIG POLITICAL types’ BIG MONEY GLOBAL TERRORWAR, OK?

    No kidding.

    Both Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton, being pinstripe bizness-drag types, likely Just Don’t Get It, I reckon. Phony promises and half-hearted half-truths do not cut it on MY DECK. You people want to invoke HOPE? Well, OK. So first BECOME HONEST and stop playing games with the Imperial NAFTA Superhighway, the Depleted Uranium, and above all, the HONEST FULL-DISCLOSURE TRUTH of EVERYTHING.

    Voting for Mr. Obama because he offers us all *less* BS than MIz Clinton is no good. BS is BS. Evil is EVIL. I am just that kind of funny-hatted Property Manager. There are differences between builders and destroyers. These differences are worth knowing well enough to KEEP.

    Um, I am far from being the “only one” Out Here. Are Obama-ites listening?

    Lookit: I expect no less integrity from MY US President than I have mustered up and kept alive within my own self for lots and lots of years now – more than any of you twenty-something Kampaign Kidz (Heaven bless and love you all!) might have ever thought you might see yourselves. (Surprises me to thus day, too.)

    So none of this Very Shiny and Fashionable “Unitary Executive” crapola, either. Re-activate the WHOLE Constitution of the United States of America, Friend Obama, and KEEP YOUR OATH INTACT and LITERAL, should you indeed get the tap. RESPECT the tricameral structure. REBUILD it. Else I shall lawfully oppose and undermine your OWN Stealth NeoCon regime as vigorously every day as I do that of the BushCo/NeoCon International TerrorCrime Gang.

    Vote for an Indefinite Hopelike Maybe cypher named Obama? No more than I shall vote for a wannabee Friend of the Bushes name of Hillary Clinton. Neither is adequately honest at all, let alone prepped for that silly “ticking-time-bomb” scenario of a phone call that ain’t gonna’ be, unless provoked or contrived by US.

    Impeach Cheney FIRST. THEN Bush.

    Then we shall have Nader. Nader! NADER!!!

    You say he’s too old for that phone call? So I’ll answer it MYSELF and deal appropriate, should my unlikely butt be on that unlikely deck at that unlikely time. Just like for years and years of genuine service to the RIGHTFUL Ownership Society already. I own valuable things too. Big deal. So what?

    It’s as obvious as can be. Of all the candidates yet fielded, only Paul, Edwards, Kucinich, and Nader have ever been utterly candid regarding the Deep Doodoo that we as a nation have been are wading in ever since Reagan, while calling it “saleable inventory”.

    This is NO DRILL. I shall NOT vote for ANY manner of evil, no matter how attractively packaged, no matter how sparkly-shiny it might be on the Telly-Vision. Not even a “little bit for the unity and avoid the splitting”. No. Only a fool knowingly swallows any such thing as that poison, proffered by both the Corrupted and the More Corrupted candidate as it invariably is.

    That game shall not work for ANY of you any more, is that clear? So GET HONEST and put it ALL on the table NOW and IN SPADES. We all need to SEE CLEAR just *exactly what* we are being wheedled into looking at.

    Or NO VOTE for YOU!

    Truth in Packaging. It’s not just for baby wipes any more.

    Increase the Peace.
    Reverse the Curse.
    Reject ALL Terror.
    (You KNOW you WANT to.)

    John 8:32 still is Just All Right by ME.
    Compete with THAT?
    Only on a TILTED playing field.
    (Don’t go there.)

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