Just Words, Part II

The F word versus the W word.

That might sum up the Coleman-Franken race, if that is the Minnesota U.S. Senate race that ultimately materializes.

Senator Coleman is already gleefully spotlighting Al Franken’s raunchy rhetoric to prove that the professional comedian and talk radio jock is insufficiently Minnesotan and “Senatorial.”

Of course, Coleman has words of his own to worry about.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I heard 2002 audio on the radio of Senator Coleman positively slathering over President George W. Bush, back when Bush was politically useful to Coleman.

Mr. President, thank you for the new tone you have set for America.

Thank you for leading us to a brighter future by bringing people together to get things done.

…We thank God for your leadership, and we pray his continued blessing on you and on the nation.”

One can almost imagine the puppy licking the “owner’s” face at the end of the speech. But look for the puppy to now be biting the hand that feeds him.

It turns out the tone set by the President is indeed new, though not welcomed by all. And the Senator and the President did get things done together – converting surpluses to deficits, blocking stem cell research, and starting and bungling the Iraq quagmire. But those things don’t sell universally well with General Election swing voters.

At the end of the day, the Minnesota Senate race may boil down to what the majority of Minnesotans find least objectionable, a recovering satirist or a recovering sycophant.

– Loveland