The Cheerioization of Journalism

When the cereal behemoth down the block encountered higher raw product costs, it lowered retail prices while also moving to smaller boxes, leading to a net price increase, on a per Cheerio basis.

Another staple on the breakfast table is headed in the same direction. The Pioneer Press hasn’t changed its price , but then again it has, on a per scoop basis. First, it has dramatically slashed the size of its newroom over the last couple of years. And today, it announced that it has also General Millsed us:

The paper is narrower. You’re not imagining it. We’ve changed to a page width that is becoming the newspaper industry standard, allowing us to use less paper.”

Look for a narrowing of bird cage floors to follow.

– Loveland
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One thought on “The Cheerioization of Journalism

  1. Let’s ask if they’ve narrowed their subscription fees accordingly, as well. I suspect not.

    Meanwhile, from across the river, I get harassing calls a few times a month from the Strib, all but begging me to restart my subscription. “We want you back.” “Best price I’ve seen in the ten years I’ve worked here.”

    Yes, I say, “but I get the Internet delivered to my house every day.”

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