Yes We Can — Communicating Chills Up My Spine

Our almost-17-year-old niece Ally just called Lisa and me into her bedroom — “You’ve got to see this.”

It’s an Obama music video — “Yes we can.”

How does Hillary Clinton or John McCain contend with this? How can they come close to moving young people (and 57-year-old people) this way?

Ally is too young to vote, but she’s cajoled six people around the country to vote for Obama in the primaries.

Something’s happening here.

–Benidt payroll processing kind

4 thoughts on “Yes We Can — Communicating Chills Up My Spine

  1. Kelly Groehler says:

    JibJab alone has probably moved the American public and helped burnish the images of the other candidates in ways they don’t appreciate.

  2. The Kool Aid Express says:

    “Something is happening here.”

    Yes, something like the Reverend Jim Jones did in Guyana.

  3. Dennis Lang says:

    To: TKAE above. You know the meteoric rise of Mr. Obama of is a great subject for analysis (and has been subjected endless analysis already) but your conclusion seems especially glib and draconian. I’m listening if you care to elaborate.

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