Will Coleman Run On “Experience?”

When Senator Hillary Clinton decided to make DC experience her central value proposition and run a DC-centric campaign fueled by DC PAC contributions and DC lobbyist staffers, she effectively conceded the change field to DC newbie Barack Obama.

To be sure, the Clinton’s ballyhooed Texas-Ohio-Pennsylvania “firewall” still looms, and Obama’s change messaging may yet go up in flames there. But Vegas oddsmakers made Senator Clinton a 3-to-1 favorite before she went down this path of running on DC experience. So, the fact that Obama is in this race at all indicates that DC Change messaging has had more traction in the current political environment than DC Experience messaging. Clinton the First’s political mastermind Dick Morris makes this point forcefully this week in The Hill.

So, now Senator Norm Coleman is preparing to take on one of three DC novices – Al Franken, Mike Ciresi or the Hyphenated Guy who hasn’t purchased enough name ID to pierce my consciousness yet. It will be interesting to see what lessons His Normness takes away from the Clinton-Obama messaging laboratory.

Coleman will have the ability to raise much more DC money, tap into more DC expertise, and spotlight more DC experience than his opponent. But, given how the presidential race is playing out, should he?

– Loveland grant writers kind

2 thoughts on “Will Coleman Run On “Experience?”

  1. Sarah says:

    Like McCain, Pawlenty and Huckaby, Coleman is toast with conservatives.

    He equivocated on the amnesty bill for illegals, and now he must pay the ultimate political price … abandonment.

  2. jloveland says:

    Sarah, do you really think conservatives won’t vote for Senator Coleman? Those aren’t my peeps, so this is a sincere question, not a rhetorical one.

    Seems Senator Coleman’s more fundamental challenge is that he is a Member of Congress who joined himself at the hip with the President…at a time when congressional disapproval is at 74% and presidential disapproval is a 66%.

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