Throwing a Hail Mary at Halftime

Since Super Tuesday, Salon’s Alex Koppelman and others have noted the new messaging coming from the Clinton camp: The Obama campaign is becoming “establishment-oriented” thanks to the big money and endorsements it’s attracting.

Barack Obama as the standard bearer of the establishment.  Hmmm.  I wonder, as Koppelman does, how much luck they’ll have in trying to establish Obama’s establishmentness and, I suppose, Clinton’s(s’) non-establishmentness.  Can’t hurt to try, I guess.

But let’s have ’em. What are your nominations for the best Moment of Messaging Overreach from the campaigns to date?

— Hornseth

P.S. Message received on the over-reliance on campaign-related posts of late. But it’s just so easy…

4 thoughts on “Throwing a Hail Mary at Halftime

  1. jloveland says:

    Given that John Edwards ran as a conservative Democrat last time, his 2008 self-righteous populist liberal act was hard for me to swallow.

    But nothing in 2008 touches this overreach: The Billary claim that Obama saying Republicans have been perceived as the party of ideas proves that Obama adores all Republican ideas. Absolutely shameless.

  2. Dwight C. Schrute says:

    SEATTLE (AP) – A distasteful comment about Chelsea Clinton by an MSNBC anchor Thursday could imperil Hillary Rodham Clinton’s participation in future presidential debates on the network, a Clinton spokesman said.

    In a conference call with reporters, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson Friday excoriated MSNBC’s David Shuster for suggesting the Clinton campaign had “pimped out” 27-year old Chelsea by having her place phone calls to Democratic Party superdelegates on her mother’s behalf. Wolfson called the comment “beneath contempt” and disgusting.

    “I, at this point, can’t envision a scenario where we would continue to engage in debates on that network,” he added.

    Clinton and Barack Obama are scheduled to participate in an MSNBC debate Feb. 26 from Ohio, which holds its primary March 4. The Clinton campaign has pushed hard for as many debates as possible with Obama, but Wolfson said the Feb. 26 debate could be jeopardized.

    Wolfson pointed to what he called a pattern of tasteless comments by MSNBC anchors about the Clinton campaign. Weeks ago, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews apologized to the former first lady after suggesting her political career had been made possible her husband’s philandering.

    MSNBC has apologized on-air for Shuster’s remark, but Wolfson said neither Chelsea nor Sen. Clinton had received a phone call offering a personal apology.

    An MSNBC spokeswoman did not immediately return a phone call requesting comment.

    [MATTHEWS HAD IT PARTLY RIGHT: Hillary’s political career had been made possible her husband. PERIOD.]

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