Romney Shows His Heart and Soul as He Quits

Mitt Romney just gave the best speech of his campaign — dropping out. No notes, no teleprompter that I could see — just speaking from his heart.

The news clips will show you the part where he says he’s quitting. But pay attention to the middle of the speech, where he lays out the conservative issues he believes in. He gives eloquent and passionate and powerful voice to the concerns and fears many Americans have and to the conservative solutions he — and millions of others — believe will solve the problems and keep us free, safe and prosperous.

Here’s a man who’s become an automaton on the campaign trail — and how impossible it would be not to, giving the same speech stop after stop.

This time, he gave it everything he had. He clearly cares. He showed he was sad not to have won the chance to be president, not to have won the chance to put in place ideas and policies he believes would help America. I disagree with almost all of his proposed solutions, but he made me feel how much he cares about what’s happening to America.

-Bruce Benidt expense reports kind

4 thoughts on “Romney Shows His Heart and Soul as He Quits

  1. ghornseth says:

    Yes. It’s too bad that the only time these guys can come out of character a bit is when they’re quitting. Thought the same thing about Edwards’ withdrawl speech.

  2. Paperman says:

    On the other hand, consider what happened to Howard Dean when he let his guard down.

    These folks can’t win sometimes.

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