I Demand a Better Headline

An old friend of mine, and fellow Shandwick alum, Rob Zeiger, is a PR Corp Comm type who has never been able to get the newsroom out of his blood. He regularly emails around a real but goofy headline under “I demand a better headline” and communications folks — some of us old headline writers, some readers also of this blog — chip in with punny headlines to amuse one another and avoid doing real work.

I asked Rob if we could occasionally steal his stuff, he said yes, and so we will on occasion — like this one.

Rob spots a problem in the Saginaw, Michigan, News: “Newspaper Puts Horse Ad Under ‘Good Things To Eat.'”

Seems an ad from a woman selling a three-year-old mare, Foxy, was mistakenly run the the News’s “Good Things to Eat” ad section. The horse owner said she was outraged, and so were readers.

So here are some headlines Rob’s friends have come up with — jump in and add your own.

Horse Owner Becomes Unglued Over Ad

Filly Beef in Cheese-y Ad Placement

Horse — The Thoroughbred White Meat

Ad Nags Horse Lovers

Whoa: KFC Pulls Reins On Commemorative ‘Barbaro BBQ Bucket’

Arby’s Adopts ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy Over Horsey Sauce Row

And your tasteless contribution?…

— Benidt small business loan kind