Hopelessly Helping Herself to Her Bad Dreams, She Wonders, Did She Hear a Goodbye?

Hillary Clinton is getting ripped, rightly, in the blogs and by commentators for attacking Iowa victor Barack Obama for “raising false hopes” on the campaign trail. A little pathetic for the wife of the Man from Hope.

Raising hope is called inspiring people — something Hillary can’t do no matter how much she’s coached and advised and something Obama can’t help doing.

As New Hampshire nears, the commenflappers are all talking about strategy and polls and advisors and message points, as if those are the things that move people. A real leader inspires people because of who she or he is. And it’s not what pollsters call “likeability” — it’s about what people see inside the candidate.

The Obama story isn’t about polls and strategy — it’s about who this person is, flaws and all. And as long as Obama doesn’t try to change who he is (kudos to McCain for calling Mitt the true candidate of change — as in changing his positions) and doesn’t succumb to advisors and keeps his head small enough to fit his hat, we may be seeing a truly inspiring leader emerging for the first time in almost 50 years.

–Bruce Benidt sba kind