A Dime’s Worth Of Difference?

Since I panned MinnPost for not bringing much new to the news scene in its first edition, I should note that it posted at least one article today — “Higher gas taxes don’t always mean higher prices” — that adds a lot to a heretofore stale local policy debate

Since the gas tax debate began several years ago, dozens of stories have been written by many different reporters. During that time, I have not seen one story that raised the very valid question raised in this article: Does a dime per gallon gas tax increase necessarily lead to a dime per gallon increase in your gasoline bill?

The answer may surprise and inform you. It may also spark deep disagreement. And surprising, informing and provoking more deeply informed discussions should be what MinnPost strives to bring to the local news scene.

– Loveland

2 thoughts on “A Dime’s Worth Of Difference?

  1. Katie O says:

    This comment relates to your previous post on MinnPost as well. I have been watching and analyzing the Minnpost launch and corresponding stories, and I realize that they are only in the first week so it is still too early to tell. But I think I had too high of expectations for it because I didn’t get much out of it. And there was not much that compelled me to put it on my dailyblog roll. I am curious to see how these “old school” type of reporters are going to make their mark on the blogosphere. Although I do I think Eric Black is off to a good start. The thing about the Minnpost reporters is that everytime I attend a session or a seminar when one of them is speaking, they are so cranky and bitter about their experience at the Strib and/or what it is now. They can’t let it go. Their non-verbals are even worse then their verbals. Their bitterness doesn’t serve the online world well. I am even wondering if they understand there new demographic and how to attract them.

    I only read my news online and I search out interesting Minnesota and national news. For some reason I keep going back to the Huffingtonpost.com because it presents a great context of various news by different people. And unlike most of the blogs, especially the political blogs here in Minnesota. It possesses great writing.

  2. jl says:

    Agree Katie, expectations may have been unrealistically high. I do find things in there that add to what we get from the metro dailies, just not as much as I expected. Perhaps there will be some evolution over time.

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