An award-winning link from across the pond

SRC blogger and friend Kris Morrill sent this link suggestion from England for an hot site called the nthposition:

I found a great discussion there surrounding publication of a book of poems written by Gitmo detainees — poems that are said to contain metaphors, imagery and words. The words proved especially problematic, it seems, because the Privilege Review Board of the Pentagon had to make certain the Arabic-English translators handling these words were themselves trustworthy. And so translators, too, had to go through security clearances. Military strategists were ultimately able to refuse some poems for publication with no reason given. So does this make them censors or editors?

Is it a stupid act of treachery to publish poetry (POETRY?!) written by “terrorists” (the saw is: ‘If they weren’t terrorists when they went in, they’ll be terrorists when they get out’)? Criticism is out there against the University of Iowa Press for even printing this collection of propaganda/poetry. Or is this, as others hypothesize, a new public relations opportunity for the government, one that proves to the world we allow even our enemy combatants freedom of expression?

Or, maybe these are just poems made up of just words.