Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Or Else)

Thought-provoking piece for marketers yesterday in the WSJ Online, looking at the marketing of designer clothing to kids and the related pressures it’s bringing about for kids at younger and younger ages.

Excerpt: “…today, guidance counselors and psychologists say, fashion bullying is reaching a new level of intensity as more designers launch collections targeted at kids… more than one-third of middle-school students responded “yes” when asked whether they are bullied because of the clothes they wear.”

Also interesting that there’s no comment included here from designers or retailers. I wonder how they’d have responded. After all, it’s the kind of thing that PR people, ad people, marketers, etc., are in business to create — the must-have product for the target audience, surrounded in a swirl of unreasonable loyalty.

It’s a success. Right?

Hmm.  Hmmmm.  Nothing like a little occupational introspection to close out the week.

— Hornseth