Conversations by the Fire – The Pictures

As the previous posts indicate, Benidt and I went north yesterday to Princeton, MN. When I get caught up with the rest of my life, I’ll try to write something about the experience, but I first wanted to post some pictures from the afternoon. This would have taken my kids about 30 seconds to figure out. A couple are posted below.

Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, posting lots of pictures in WordPress is a pretty big pain in the ass so I’m not going to post all 40 of them here. Instead, I created a profile on Flickr where the whole roll is posted.

Participants are welcome to visit the site, add their own captions, comments, etc.

More later, as they used to say.

– Austin

Fun with glazes


Getting to know each other

2 thoughts on “Conversations by the Fire – The Pictures

  1. Austin, John- I just wanted to thank you for bringing the medium of technology into this conversation. Others did not seem to catch the importance of live blogging but YOU made that dream a REALITY! I really appretiated it.

    I was very glad with our success, but I am frustrated that the conversation did not deepen especially about the medium we all utilize to get our words to our readers!

    You put it in action and I am forever Grateful!

    I am going to post today challenging my Grizzly Groundswell Governors all across the Nation and some around the world to try to replicate our template. I am going to offer to assist them make it happen. If you and Bruce are interested in being a resource that would be great.

    Look for my post later this night.

    ~Teddy Bear

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