3rd Post From Princeton

We’ve been fed, exposed to art, exposed ourselves to art, been fed.  The discussion has been by turns emotional, thoughtful, circular, stalled, jumpstarted, simplistic, unrealistic.  For the most part, though, the discussion has been measured, polite, friendly, boundary-crossing.  It reaffirms that people – regardless of their political, religious, cultural, geographic backgrounds – share a lot of the same concerns…their kids, their family, their neighborhoods and schools.  The biggest point of distinction seems to be people’s personal experiences and – as one participant put it – what they choose to take away from those experiences.

Still haven’t figured out how to post pictures, but I’m taking quite a few.  Benidt, my fellow SRC participant, is playing the Merry Prankster, stirring things up whenever we get a little too close to sliding into too many platitudes and cliches.  All in all, I’ve had a great time with interesting, passionate people enjoying a beautiful Minnesota fall day.

And, did I mention, they fed me?

– Austin

First Post From Princeton

The group has gathered and for the first hour or so we played with clay.  Literally.  What fun!  If you haven’t squeezed a lump of clay since high school, you owe it to yourself to try it.

Chad and Michelle, our hosts, have very nicely opened their home to a range of bloggers from hard right to hard left.   After the first hour, the discussion has really kicked in and it is a wonderful dialog.  Gives you hope that there’s not an unbridgeable void between people who see the world differently.

More later, but first reports are very encouraging.

– Austin