From No Balls to Nobels

Al Gore’s post-political communications triumphs stand in stark contrast to his political communications body of work. I couldn’t stand to listen to Gore as a candidate. He was condescending, simplistic, arrogant, uninspiring, insincere, gutless, utterly predictable and formulaic. But almost since the moment the election ended, he became more compelling as the shackles of politics were removed.

In the political world, gotcha reporters cause candidates to stick with risk-averse milquetoast phrasing. Interest groups make candidates into inflexible and oh-so-predictable policy slaves. TV news editors make candidates into simplistic sound bite machines. Cookie cutter political consultants make candidates into grating repetitive robots.

The political system makes an awful lot of thoughtful, decent people of all political stripes look like devious dolts. The fact that people like Gore, Dole, Carter and others are only able to display their true heart, mind, guts and soul after they leave politics raises serious questions about our political system.

– Loveland

4 thoughts on “From No Balls to Nobels

  1. bbenidt says:

    “…raises serious questions about our political system.”

    But more about the courage of the individual politicians.

    One doesn’t have to be governed by the system. Hillary Clinton whines about how we have to change the system, while working it wonderfully. One day there will be maverick leader who stands up and says things worth listening to, and she or he will skip the traditional ways of reaching people (sell your soul to bigwigs so you can buy vapid TV advertising) and the message will spread because it’s worth repeating. Buzz. Word of mouth. Real media coverage of substance and character and style.

    Al Gore would be president today if he’d had courage in the campaign — courage to run on the Clinton/Gore record while saying Bill Clinton was a good president and a dreadful husband, courage to tell his advisors to go to hell, courage to be himself.

  2. The Analyst says:

    One thing is for certain – the Nobel Prize has become the cartoon of our age: Yasser Arafat, Wangari Maathia, Carer, Kofi Annan and now … Al Gore.

    A cast of boobs, frauds and thugs.

    Gore didn’t lack courage in 2002 – he just became bitter and misguided after losing the election. And now we have legions of furry little liberals plummeting off the global warming cliff behind him.

  3. Kelly Groehler says:

    If Gore’s check for the Nobel prize was $80 million – putting him even on current campaign dollars with Hillary and Obama – this would be a very, very different conversation, IMHO.

  4. bbenidt says:

    Loveland, one of the best headlines of the many good ones you’ve written. Bravo.

    And the delightful image of the furry little liberals leaping lemminglike is one of the reasons I love the diversity of opinion our commenters bring. Bravo2. I disagree with the point, but love the brio with which it’s made (that’s a word I don’t believe I’ve ever used before, but I believe it fits.)

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