If You Don’t Like Me, That’s Your Problem

Re: this.

Sen. Norm Coleman’s approval rating is low: 45 percent. The problem, according to Coleman’s guy: “substantial attacks by Democrats and outside interest groups.”

Challenger Al Franken’s unfavorable rating is high: 34 percent. The problem, according to Franken’s guy: ongoing Republican attacks from “the right-wing smear machine.”

Now then. I’d imagined that these ratings had something to do with what the candidates have said or done (or not) and voters’ subsequent reactions.  But it seems instead that big chunks of the Minnesota electorate are just super-duper impressionable.  

Sigh. It could be a very long 400+ days.

 — Hornseth

6 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like Me, That’s Your Problem

  1. bbenidt says:

    I’m halfway through David Halberstam’s last book, The Coldest Winter, about the Korean War. Although, as with Halberstam’s great Vietnam book, The Best and the Brightest, it’s really about this current war and the human frailties that lead to awful decisions.

    Douglas MacArthur (as he guided the Korean War from Japan, which distance created huge problems and his inability to see the reality on the ground in Korea) took credit for anything that went right in Korea, and blamed Truman and the State and Defense departments for anything that went wrong. Can’t be me, must be my enemies at home causing the problems.

    MacArthur, according to Halberstam, allowed no criticism to sully his view of the truth and surrounded himself with toadies and sycophants. And in his hubris caused thousands of deaths by refusing to believe the Chinese would come into the war and refusing to believe, once they did, that they could fight well and beat red-blooded Americans.

    And, from Halberstam’s protrait, it would seem no superduperlative was grand enough to contain MacArthur’s opinion of himself.

    Those who blame others can never learn from their problems. Because they have no, create no, problems themselves. And I think that’s Gary’s lesson from today’s scripture.

  2. Becky says:


    You mean longer than the last 400 days of pre-pre-election coverage?

    Can we just skip 2008 and go directly to 2012? Maybe someone interesting will emerge. On any front. I’m not greedy. Just one interesting, intelligent, articulate, nonsleezy candidate is all I ask.

  3. Kelly Groehler says:

    I can’t believe I actually sat here and repeated “superduperlative” several times out loud. But you’re right! Emphasis on syllable four makes it roll so much easier off the tongue.

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