Corporate Blogs: What Works, What Doesn’t?

Three of us — Benidt, Mrja and I — found ourselves in some atypically non-Rowdy company this afternoon as guests of the Minnesota PRSA’s Annual Professional Practices Conference.  We comprised the panel in a breakout session about some of the things that organizations might consider before venturing into blogging on their own. Actually, I think we did more learning than leading, which is always a nice fringe benefit. Thanks to the organizers and participants being a part of it. 

Of course, we here at the Crowd aren’t an organization, really — we’re just seven independent communications types gathered here underneath this electronic umbrella.  This isn’t a corporate blog. But in the session today, we touched on some of the corporate blogs that are out there — and they’re everywhere.  CEO blogs, customer service blogs, product blogs, and so forth. They represent a massive amount of effort and resources.

So I thought we might extend the discussion a bit to this forum. What’s your take on the state of corporate/organizational blogging?  Are there corporate blogs you visit regularly and admire, and why? What makes them work for you, and in what ways do you think they’re missing the mark? Let’s hear ya.

— Hornseth

3 thoughts on “Corporate Blogs: What Works, What Doesn’t?

  1. I’m in the PR biz, so to me, blogs like Todd Defren’s PR Squared and other blogs from agency folk are considered relevant corporate blogs — and their some of my favorites.

    That said, many corporate blogs suffer from a common problem: They aren’t bad, but they aren’t good, either. A little limp and without flavor or fervor. It’s a tough obstacle to overcome. You need the right type of company and the right person within that company to build a successful blog.

    More importantly: A “corporate blog” in the purest sense is a bad idea. People don’t want to read what a company has to say. They want to know what individuals within the company have to say. SHIFT Communication’s blog isn’t good — Todd Defren’s (big-dog at SHIFT) blog is.

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