More Momentum at MinnPost

Have you been keeping tabs on the pre-launch progress at I hadn’t checked the site in a bit, but did today and it looks like it’s been a busy couple of weeks indeed. There’s a new, “not luxurious” office location now open, key business positions are filling, there’s a steady stream of Twin Cities journalism notables continuing to sign on and start-up money keeps rolling in varying amounts. 

Take a spin through the roundup of the accumulating national attention and press coverage indexed in the site. You’ll read, among others, former StarTribune editor Tim McGuire blogging from the journalism school at Arizona State University: “I have been arguing for months that we have to start experimenting with new business models for journalism. There have been other experiments, but this may be the best bankrolled, the best run and the most notable one in a really high profile market.”

Seems to be a fairly common sentiment, although no one is downplaying the challenges, either. No launch date announced yet other than “later this year.” You get the clear sense that a lot of people — and not just Minnesotans — are watching this very, very closely.

— Hornseth

3 thoughts on “More Momentum at MinnPost

  1. I’m excited about it. That roster of staffers and contributors is impressive as hell. I’m really eager to see where this thing goes. Part of me wants them to succeed just to make everyone else think twice about saying true journalism has no future in the world of the Web.

  2. JJ says:

    The biggest mistake being made here (one of them) is the use of “legacy” journalists. If Kramer were smart, he’d avoid anyone with a history in dead-tree media and/or J-school.

    How will this enterprise be any different than most blogs, or even City Pages?

  3. Kenny says:

    Maybe Kramer could hire Par Ridder to complete the monolithic olde media culture being transplanted from the Strib?

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