From where do they come from?

I’m not a fan of the ABC scream-fest called The View, and so I missed Tuesday’s introduction of comedienne Whoopi Goldberg (admission #2: I’m not a fan of her, either) as the successor (no one could actually replace her, right?) to the shy and retiring co-host Rosie O’Donnell.

But I was floored to learn via the next day’s papers what I’d missed: “Whoopi Defends Vick and Dog Fights.” 
It’s part of the culture of the South, Whoopi explained to what must have been a stupefied audience. Vick’s staging and betting on dog fights was as traditional as cock fights in Puerto Rico, she said. Your view of it all depends “from where you come from.”

Whoopi, from where we come from, men used to regularly beat their wives and children. Millions of persons were once considered property, not people. Lynching was a grand spectator sport enjoyed by even more Northerners than Southerners. And in some parts of the nation today, a man can still marry his daughter as a multiple sister-wife, thereby making her her own mother, as I recall from reading the fascinating Under the Banner of Heaven, and (which I really can’t explain to you) her own aunt, as well.

Ah, Whoopi. There’s nothing like well-reasoned debate to get the juices flowing in the a.m. Why, it’s almost as invigorating as “the smell of napalm in the morning.”