Bankin’ On Spankin’ Franken

In the Minnesota U.S. Senate food fight, almost all of the Republicans’ rhetorical tater tots seem to flying at Al Franken.

A quick review of news statements from the Minnesota Republican Party and posts on henchmen sites like Minnesota Democrats Exposed shows that almost all of the conservative nasties are aimed Franken, not Democratic rival Mike Ciresi. In fact, practically the only time Ciresi even gets a mention from the modern day nattering nabobs of negativity is when he says something even remotely critical of Franken.

Why is Franken the one the Republicans love to hate? Because he is a better bogeyman to fire up the right wing grassroots and fundraising base? Because they view Franken as the candidate who poses more of a General Election threat to Coleman?

Whatever the reason, if Republicans succeed in destroying Franken to the benefit of Ciresi, they may regret it. After all, Ciresi appears to pose the same level of threat as Franken. Survey USA shows Coleman leading Franken by seven percentage points and Ciresi by six.

– Loveland

6 thoughts on “Bankin’ On Spankin’ Franken

  1. I’m not a big fan of Franken, but I agree with you that Ciresi is a much bigger threat. Anybody who knows their Minnesota history should know and understand that. I think that Franken is more of a perceived threat because he has name recognition which could draw out voters who ordinarily are too apathetic to get out there. I don’t remember for sure, but didn’t we see something similar happen with Ventura?

    Either way, it’s certainly a lesser of two evils sort of thing, and between the two of them, Franken is certainly far less of an evil.

  2. EMM says:

    I’ve met Franken and helped arrange an early “meet and greet” for him. I was very impresssed by his knowledge of the issues and his sincerity in wanting to serve Minnesotans. I’ll be proud to vote for him.

    I fear you’re all dismissing him too soon. And, don’t forget the big weapon he has over Ciresi: Franken can get a Barbra Streisand to hold a fundraiser for him in California. I wish it weren’t this way, but it’s so.

  3. jloveland says:

    Chuck, I imagine the fundraising capacity of those two scared off others with less fundraising capacity.

  4. Chuck says:

    If the two greatest determinants of electoral success are name recognition and cash, that tends to exclude 99.999% of others. So that’s how we wind up with Ciresi and Franken. Rather unfortunate.

  5. Ben Dover says:

    Well you were gullible enough to elect Ventura, you deserve Franken. Let your pain continue until you open your eyes. Al was never funny as a comedian but at least now he will be able to give the rest of the nation something to laugh at.
    Schadenfreude for the masses. Thanks Al.

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