He’s Alive…Oh, My God…He’s Alive!

My buddy Loveland opined a few days ago that Senator Larry Craig had done about as poor a job handling a crisis as could be imagined. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t tease reality by saying it has reached the limit of our imaginations; it has a way of exceeding our expectations in this area.

As in the case of Senator Craig. Just when the story had finally begun to die, along comes a twist that truly boggles my mind; here’s the description from the New York Times:

“Dan Whiting, a spokesman for Mr. Craig, an Idaho Republican, said Tuesday night that Mr. Craig had not ruled out reversing his plan to step down Sept. 30. After intense pressure from Republican colleagues in the Senate, Mr. Craig announced Saturday that it would be best for ‘the people of Idaho’ if he resigned after the disclosure of his guilty plea last month to disorderly conduct charges stemming from his arrest in June in a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport bathroom.

“’As he stated on Saturday, Senator Craig intends to resign on Sept. 30,’ Mr. Whiting said in a statement. ‘However, he is fighting these charges, and should he be cleared before then, he may, and I emphasize may, not resign.’”

A-freaking-mazing. And, given that this was a statement, not an off-the-cuff comment, you have to figure this was a deliberate overture, not an aide off message. You can only imagine what’s going on in his inner circle of advisors (which includes, I note, the lawyer who did so well for Michael Vick in his little trip through the media spotlight).

I’m trying also to imagine what the GOP operatives are saying to their candidates and among themselves at those back-of-the-hotel-bar tables that operatives congregate at when the campaign stops for the evening somewhere.

But that would just be teasing reality all over again and I’m not going there; it’s too weird already.


5 thoughts on “He’s Alive…Oh, My God…He’s Alive!

  1. bbenidt says:

    The astonishing thing to me is how much energy is being burned up over the word “intend.”

    We word people — politicians, journalists, communications advisors — think that individual words matter, and that just the right words can make a huge difference. Occasionally, that’s the case, for good or ill — “Depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” and “There you go again.”

    Mostly, our focus on individual words, or great message points, is silly. People form an emotional impression, and words have a hard time changing that. The impression here could be of a senator reduced to talking about what he did and didn’t do in a toilet stall — and no matter what he says, he’s toast because that image ain’t going away. Or the impression is of a guy who was railroaded by the cops. Or the impression of a party that just can’t stand another sordid discussion of what one of their folks did or didn’t do with pages, prostitutes or bribes.

    But all the discussion on the news stations last night was about how Senator Foot-tap may have given himself wiggle room with a two-syllable word.

    I have a two-syllable phrase for all of us who believe in the power of words over emotional impression: Good Luck.

  2. Hornseth says:

    Well said, Benidt.

    Mark Twain is said to have admonished that the difference between the almost-right word and the right word is like that between the lightning bug and lightning. I don’t think Craig’s “will” vs. “intend” choice was what he had in mind.

  3. I take it personally and also will defend the American public in saying this;
    I am sick and fucking tired of watching the goverment, advertisers, and the media play us all for a bunch of idiots.
    I’ve been around, I’m 50 years old. I spent a good part of my life dealing with elements that dont screw around. We knew what something meant and didnt insult everyones intelligence by playing semantics and word games.
    Acting like a weasel usually got you’re ass kicked, because it was decided sooner than later that you couldnt be trusted.
    When yoy take too long to answer a question, you were lying.
    When you change your story, even once, you’re lying.
    I wish everyone would just please stop the politically correct word interpretations and assine attempts to insult the intelligence of the majority of Americans that know a turd when they see one.
    And then whats really frightening is that they think they are smart enough to think we are that stupid !
    It’s this kind of hair splitting in our system that puts child molesters and other creeps back on the street, or elsewhere.

  4. Rick says:

    I love the voice message left by Craig to Arlen Specter. Makes one wonder if Craig and Specter weren’t doing the mens room foot-tap together.

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