Fawning Over Fred

The news media is salivating over the worst kept secret in politics — Fred Thompson’s entrance into the presidential race. TV star! Tall! Reaganesque!

Whether it’s because reporters are smitten or because they are bored and want fresh meat, Senator Thompson is getting a bigger media bounce than other candidates experienced when they announced.

Perhaps the only people happier than the press corps are the Democratic candidates. According to composite results from leading pollsters, all front-running Democrats are running well ahead His Fredness. Clinton leads him by 6.5%, Edwards by 12.3%, and Obama by 13.5%. The Democratic candidates have a bigger leads over the new kid on the block than most other leading GOP contenders.

Based on these numbers, is it too early rule out Thompson as a viable candidate? Of course it is; half the country doesn’t know who he is. But it’s also way too early for bored campaign beat reporters to coronate him.

– Loveland

5 thoughts on “Fawning Over Fred

  1. EMM says:

    The media are also salivating over his wife’s looks because she’s younger than Fred (who isn’t?) and blonde.

    Is this fair game? I don’t know. Honestly, she leaves me cold. No one will ever surpass the style, grace and intelligence (she spoke five languages) knowledge of Jacqueline Kennedy.

  2. jloveland says:

    Being fashionably late to the dance turned out to be a good PR strategy for him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    But it’s a bad fundraising and grassroots strategy. It will be interesting to see how those two things balance out.

  3. bbenidt says:

    Fred is supposed to be so telegenic. But I’ve been watching him on CSPAN, where you see him working a room and talking off the cuff, and he doesn’t have much charm or charisma. I don’t think his persona is going to wear well — although Rudy has set the bar pretty low on that score.
    Grumpy Old Men. Except for Mitt the Changeling.

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