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Air America Minnesota hit a new low on Labor Day, seems to me. Fill-in host Elaine Boosler laughed at John McCain’s being shot down and imprisoned in Vietnam. Let’s not stoop to O’Reilly’s tactics and attitude, fellow liberals. Good God, let’s have a little humanity.

The issue was fair game for commentary and lampooning. To meet America’s Mayor’s claim to being presidential timber — that he was alive and in New York and stood tall when the terrorists hit — the flagging McCain campaign is now re-emphasizing McCain’s experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Boosler, sitting in for Stephanie Miller, mocked the attempt, fairly challenging the logic that because McCain was shot down and imprisoned, he is therefore a leader. You can argue either way on that one, but it’s fair to argue.

But Boosler went farther. Too far. “He screwed up, got captured, does that make him a leader?” Did McCain screw up? This 1967 flight was his 23rd mission over Vietnam during the war. He got shot down. It wasn’t his screwup. It was Lyndon Johnson’s screwup to have us in that awful war, and all those in Congress who went along. McCain paid the price for dreadful political decisions, as too many Amercians and Iraqis are paying the price for similar dreadful decisions today.  

Then Boosler and her sidekick wondered how McCain got the footage of him being questioned by the North Vietnamese during his capture, which is now being shown in a video about McCain at “house parties” during his campaign. They laughed about filming interrogations being part of the services the Hanoi Hilton (the ironic nickname given the prison complex in North Vietnam) provided to its guests, along with directions to the bar mitzvahs and other parties going on at the “hotel.” Oh, they giggled uproariously. About a guy who was tortured. Who served his country when his leaders called — wrong as those leaders may have been, in my view. How dare any of us laugh at a man’s torture? I’ll bet Boosler was outraged when American soldiers tortured Iraqis in this war.

Boosler and her giggling partner pictured the house parties — “Try the brie, and watch this guy get slapped around,” Boosler said, impersonating a hostess at a McCain party. Again, the issue is fair game — does McCain’s war experience make him a leader? But the laughter and the mocking — that’s Bill O’Reilly/Rush Limbaugh crap, and we should be more human than they are. It ain’t that hard.

–Bruce Benidt

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  1. Becky says:

    Debate the PR/political tactics, fine. But back off, ladies, and anyone else lining up to mock his (or anyone’s) service in any branch of the military or any war at any time. Regardless of where anyone comes down on any war (and I honestly don’t remember Vietnam so I’ll refrain from commenting on that “police action”), McCain et al showed up, literally and figuratively laid down their lives for their country and are Americans to whom we owe a debt.

    Have some respect. And if you don’t, keep your mouth shut.

  2. jmaustin says:

    Air America drives me nuts. I have no desire to be affiliated with an institution that believes the way to promote a liberal agenda is to ape some of the worst institutions of conservatism.

    If the best we can come up with is to yell because they yell, practice intellectual dishonesty and character assassination because they do it, we deserve to be consigned to the ashbin of failed political movements alongside the Whigs, the Federalists, and the Know-Nothings.

  3. Elayne Boosler? The comedian? Out of the gate she has as much credibility in politics as my cat.

    Who else reading the posts on this blog believe that idiots throughout the world have stumbled upon the fact that they can get massive media attention just by slackening their jaws and warbling the first things that pop into their tiny pea-sized brains?

    Before this election cycle is over, my hunch is that Screech from TV’s “Saved By The Bell,” will attempt to make a comeback by firing epithets at a presidential candidate.

    Good Lord! Our society is a mess.

  4. You’re not seriously putting Boosler and Oreilly in the same category are you?

    Thats just way off the mark Bruce.
    You may not care for Oreilly and thats understandable.
    But I’ve seen Boosler once in my life for obvious reasons, not twice.
    And I dont always agree with Bill. But saying that his tactics are comprable to Elaines ?
    Give me a large break !
    She’s a potty mouth idiot. I dont think she’s done one thing for her country. While Bill is at least true patriot with numerous charities and calling out injustices afforded to child rapists and the judges that let them go in the first place.

    Like or not, Bill is a hell of a lot better at what he does than Elaine is a comedian.
    I can comfortably say that the left has performed this kind of ” stooping” that your talking about on quite a much larger scale than just one Bill Oreilly.
    Garafolo, Frankten, Keith Olberman, Cafferty.
    These people get on the air and ” stoop” on a daily basis. But Bills ratings are far greater than all the above accumilated

  5. bbenidt says:

    “But I’ve seen Boosler once in my life for obvious reasons, not twice.”

    Micky, you consistently hit home runs here with great lines — the one above among them.

    We disagree about O’Reilly — his self-righteousness gets in my way, part of what we’ve been talking about with Arclightzero and y’all. But I have to admit BillO isn’t as cruel as Rush in his comments. And yeah, the yelling from either side is tiresome, and I agree with you and Austin that the left has shown a lack of imagination in “stooping.”

    Good to hear from you, always.

  6. EMM says:

    Becky: I guess that’s why the radical branch of the Republican Party belittled Sen. John Kerry’s service and destroyed Max Cleland a few years back, heh?

    I agree that McCain is a hero. But so is every other man and woman who is and has been on the front line for this nation.

  7. We over use the term hero wat too much to the point where it has lost its meaning.
    Much like todays kids sports where they all get a trophy no matter what and we call them all winners.
    McCain is a hero, above and beyond the normal cut.
    All our sevice people deserve nothing but the most honor and respect we can dish out.
    But lets leave a term truly fitting for the ones that have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

  8. Rick says:

    McCain is done politically. Forever. Period. I really have to wonder about someone who seeks the GOP nomination running on what is mostly a Democratic agenda.

    I wish Pawlenty would wake up and see how McCain’s strategy (playing both sides of the fense) has backfired and apply it to his own situation.

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