The Bulldog Lives

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” I forget, was that Mark Twain or the bulldog featured in the Pioneer Press’s ads?

The St. Paul Pioneer Press still occasionally does some solid journalism, though less frequency than when it’s newsroom was larger and more senior. Take today’s story about investigations into whether anti-icing fluid used on the I35W bridge is corrosive. As we try to avoid future tragedies, that kind of journalism is imporant. And then there is today’s story about whether Senator Larry Craig did anything criminal by his wide-stanced tap dancing. Excellent food for thought that goes against the conventional wisdom.

This the kind of coverage you just don’t get from drive-by stenography of news conferences. Bravo bulldog. Journalism is alive (though not well) on the right side of the river!

– Loveland

2 thoughts on “The Bulldog Lives

  1. Three cheers for Par Ridder…er…MediaRidder…or…KnightMcClatchy…or Sam Zell…er…Murdoch, yeah, Murdoch. Wait, who the hell owns that paper?

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