I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a politician handle a news media crisis worse than Senator Larry Craig in the wake of his run-in with undercover police in the bathroom of a Twin Cities airport.

Maybe his foot was in the neighboring stall because of his normal “wide stance,” as he claimed. It strikes me that getting a foot into an adjoining stall would take a stance as wide as Nadia Comaneci on the balance beam, though I’ll admit I’ve not studied toilet stances extensively.

But the way Senator Craig handled the situation after being confronted by the undercover cop was text book bad. The police flash their card at him, and he reportedly flashes his Senate business card back at them with an arrogant “what do you think about that?” He pleads guilty, but then says it was because his lawyer wasn’t there to explain what guilty means. (Oh, and he was distracted by big mean news reporters in his home state.) He says he did nothing wrong, but then apologizes to his constituents for embarrassing them.

The smell emanating from Senator Craig’s press conference had to have rivaled any of the smells emanating from the Honeymoon Stalls at MSP International.

– Loveland

15 thoughts on “Waterclosetgate

  1. jloveland says:

    P.S. If Craig is gay and was looking for love in all the wrong places, I feel bad for him. If that’s true, the dude surely has been miserable for a long time living a lie, and I don’t wish that on anyone. But it’s harder to feel sorry for him when his long record of anti-gay votes exposes some pretty serious hypocrisy.

  2. Another politician making his private life public. Big surprise. The only surprise is that he’s trying to make it happen in a filthy public toilet at an international airport. That alone makes this act twice as disgusting.

    Sidenote: Kristi Yamaguchi was an Olympic figure skater, not a gymnast. I think a better balance beamer would be Mary Lou Retton. Or Minnesota’s own John Roethlisberger. (I had to google that, just FYI).

  3. randi says:

    A payraise for his spokesperson who initially blamed said that ‘the Senator has a Wide Stance’… what?

  4. jloveland says:

    My apologies for muffing the Kristi Yamaguchi reference. I went with her because I find that name great fun to say. Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi. But my ineptness reveals how closely I follow skating and gymnatics. Anyway, I changed the post. But Nadia Comenici isn’t quite as fun to say.

  5. This is a public servant that portrays and embraces the vision of values and ethics.
    But what is going through his mind ? Getting off with some complete stranger in one the nastiest places I can think of.
    And then expects us to swallow his B.S. the same way Bill did.
    Look Craig, you of just come out and said that we all have our freaky side, it doesnt make us bad people, but I got caught.
    I’ve seen women that I wish I could have right then and there, and if I could of got away with it in the middle of the street I would of.
    But when the urge outweighs common sense it quite frankly makes you an idiot.
    And your judgement ( whats left of it) should be heavily scrutinized

  6. Nice choice in Nadia, JL. The other big-time Eastern Euro gymnast that now comes to mind is Olga Corbet. But in a Google fight (www.googlefight.com) Nadia wins hands down. She would probably kick Craig’s ass as well.

  7. ghornseth says:

    It’s too bad that Sen. Craig’s surrealist press conference got a zillion times the attention of South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson’s funny, touching speech the same afternoon as he spoke publicly for the first time since his brain hemorrhage last December.

    Note to History: This is the political speech from yesterday to keep.


  8. On a completely unrelated note, did anyone notice that 95% of the front page of the Strib had POSITIVE headlines and stories on Wednesday? The only negative was a right column piece on the Vikes first game perhaps getting blacked out. I was stunned at this positivity.

  9. jloveland says:

    Yes, B., 15 some years ago Democrat Barney Frank was caught in an ugly gay sex scandal. Nobody is saying homosexuality and scandal is the strict province of conservatives. But if they were, that would have been an outstanding retort.

    Food for thought from Rep. Frank: “The fact is, yes, the Republicans do think [homosexuality] should be a crime. And I think there’s a right to privacy. But the right to privacy should not be a right to hypocrisy … people who want to demonize other people shouldn’t then be able to go home and close the door, and do it themselves.”

  10. JK says:

    Thanks for that quote from Congress’ paragon of virtue – Rep. Barney Frank. At least Craig didn’t drown a girl he was diddling and get off Scott free. The double standards are knee deep, but at least the Repubs have the integrity to show their worst to the door.

  11. Jlovelands post reminded me of this,

    If nobody minds, check out this headline that hit a nerve with me.

    “”Perhaps it’s because homosexuality is such a greater crime in conservative circles than adultery and prostitution.””

    I believe this is a definate convicting statement .
    Had there been question mark at the end it would of changed everything.

    The story the headline fell under was comparing Vitters case to Craigs

  12. Becky says:

    To borrow a friend’s comment, either he’s too stupid to understand the legal process, or he’s lying. Either way, he shouldn’t be a US Senator. (And now he’s reconsidering his resignation? Can you constitutionally do that? Ya gotta pity his spokesman.)

  13. Back to Tim Johnson — what a great line, saying he now has an advantage over his colleagues in D.C., because his mind works faster than his mouth does.
    Beautiful. You go, Tim!

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