I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a politician handle a news media crisis worse than Senator Larry Craig in the wake of his run-in with undercover police in the bathroom of a Twin Cities airport.

Maybe his foot was in the neighboring stall because of his normal “wide stance,” as he claimed. It strikes me that getting a foot into an adjoining stall would take a stance as wide as Nadia Comaneci on the balance beam, though I’ll admit I’ve not studied toilet stances extensively.

But the way Senator Craig handled the situation after being confronted by the undercover cop was text book bad. The police flash their card at him, and he reportedly flashes his Senate business card back at them with an arrogant “what do you think about that?” He pleads guilty, but then says it was because his lawyer wasn’t there to explain what guilty means. (Oh, and he was distracted by big mean news reporters in his home state.) He says he did nothing wrong, but then apologizes to his constituents for embarrassing them.

The smell emanating from Senator Craig’s press conference had to have rivaled any of the smells emanating from the Honeymoon Stalls at MSP International.

– Loveland