6 thoughts on “Fourlorn

  1. For what it’s worth, the “Don Imus controversy” was about a hell of a lot more than Don Imus. It was about race, politics (guests on his show), political correctness, censorship, and so on.

    I guess that could be said about all four of those stories, though: There’s much more to them than the initial headline.

  2. That is pretty depressing… Especially when you consider the fact that the Don Imus thing was a non-issue anyway.

    Personally, I think the Imus thing was blown way beyond what it should have (a simple apology would have sufficed). But then Sharpton and Jackson got involved and things exploded. Given the state of affairs we’re in right now, it seems terribly trivial that it was that big of an issue.

  3. What?!! No Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears as top stories of the year? I’m shocked. How could something like Imus trump yet another DWI in Hollywood?

  4. Kelly Groehler says:

    A small, conflicted part of me is still pissed that the ACLU said nothing – NOTHING – during that Imus brouhaha. Speech is constitutionally protected – and the protectors were nowhere to be found. And that offends me far more than some dumbass misogynist flapping his jowels.

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