“Hornseth Here” — Another Voice Joins the Crowd

In May on this blog, we were writing back and forth about people trying, with smooth words, to make something awful look less so. Paul Wolfowitz trying to convince the world he wasn’t going down in flames was the instance. Along comes, in the comments, a calm voice invoking compassion for the likes of Ray Price, Richard Nixon’s speechwriter:

“Still, though. One must marvel a bit at the task Ray Price had, clacking away in the late August night within the White House, trying to to figure out what most of us, at some level, have had to to figure out: ‘Now what am I going to do with THIS?'”

The “this” being how to explain the only presidential resignation in our history. The writer was Gary Hornseth, one of the most creative (read that exceptionally strange) thinkers I’ve ever met. Not that many people would try to put themselves in Price’s shoes as Nixon swirled around the Watergate drain. But that’s the kind of weird and wonderful nook and cranny of experience and perspective Hornseth explores. And that’s why we wanted him writing regularly on this blog. His bio — PR work, teaching, parole requirements — is on “Who Are Those Guys?” You should know he’s tired of liberals and conservatives just yelling their views without listening or hearing, and he’s not associating himself with all of the neo-socialist blather I’m likely to write here. But I welcome him anyway, and you’ll find his viewpoint challenging and his writing delightful.

— Benidt