Flack Survival Training

Poor Cullen Sheehan. To let Senator Norm Coleman’s beleaguered spokesperson know we’re thinking about him, all the grizzled flaks in town should get together and send him a funny Hallmark, tater tot hotdish and pan of bars.

It aint easy being Mr. Sheehan. His boss’s disapproval ratings have risen to 48%. According to USA Today/Gallup, the President he surgically conjoined himself to has disapproval ratings of 66%.

So what do you do? Have the President join you on a flag plastered platform? Not so much. Scream “support the troops” even louder? Dang it all, that doesn’t seem to be working any more. Go with good ole “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here?” No, polls show Americans think the war has made them LESS safe. Go to Iraq and report back that it all seems a lot like Crocus Hill to you? Gosh, that isn’t working either.

Hey, I know, go to page 437 of the Hack’s Handbook to the chapter entitled, “If They Don’t Buy Your Message, Attack The Messenger.” And since you can’t really blame the huge majority of your Minnesota constituents who oppose your position on the war, that leaves but one messenger to attack — the liberals!

Hey, do you wise guys have a better idea? Short of announcing a position change on the war, which is out of the spokesdude’s hands, this is probably Mr. Sheehan’s only real play. Which is not to say it’s an effective play.

Anyway, I personally think chocolate scotch-a-roos are always a nice choice.

– Loveland

4 thoughts on “Flack Survival Training

  1. I like the stance the PR Mavens for the Fred Thompson for President Campaign (MAYBE) are taking: Stay out of the fray as long as possible. Fly under the radar and “test the water” with TV, radio and newspaper interviews in select markets. Keep the “Law & Order” episodes going as long as possible because, of course, every dollar will be needed. And if and when the Thompson campaign bus rolls, he’ll be lambasted for “waiting too long to make a stand,” blah blah blah.

    No one wins in politics. But hey, at least he’s trying something different.

  2. jloveland says:

    Fred reminds me of the Vikings wide receiver Troy Williamson. Everyone gets giddy when he’s in practice leaving others in the dust in the 40 yard dash, but much of the promise fades when he puts on pads, and faces a much brisker game speed and heavy hits. We’ll know a lot more about Fred after he takes hits from all directions in the first multi-candidate debate.

  3. Frank Luntz Jr. says:

    At least Norm’s approval ratings are nearly thrice those of the Reid-Pelosi Congress at large.

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