Emotional Politics Talk Monday

Drew Westen, the guy who wrote the “emotional politics” book referenced last week in the post “Are Democrats Passionless, Spineless or Just Clueless?” will be on MPR’s Midmorning program with Kari Miller Monday at 10 a.m. central. Should be interesting, especially with candidates’ spouses now mixing it up.

Westen’s point, to review the bidding, is that voters make decisions on emotion, not facts. Duh. And that Republicans make people feel good (or scared) (or good about being scared) while Dems bury people in positions. Exaggerated, yes, but lots of people are talking about this book, so if you wanna look smart, tune in.

One thought on “Emotional Politics Talk Monday

  1. Ellen Mrja says:

    I also learned the hard way after working my brains out for a moral, intelligent, ethical mayoral candidate down here in Mankato that people really like ethics, intelligence and morality..but they will vote their pocketbooks 99.99% of the time.

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