Bring Us Your Lame Viral Videos, Yearning to be Ridiculed…

…yes, Rowdies, here’s your chance to participate in a truly Web 2.0 moment. I am looking for examples of two things:

1) Lame, lame, lame attempts by corporations to be “hip” by posting videos to YouTube, but that miss the whole point by posting pure marketing crap. Bonus points awarded to he or she who brings me video with the highest revenue-to-viewer ratio (in other words a Wal-Mart video that attracted 100 viewers would have R2V ratio $3.5 billion-to-1).

2) The opposite of lame, corporate videos posted that you think actually work.

The winner(s) of this little contest will get a prize package selected specially for them, drawn from the contents of my giant bag of gadgets. For example, you could be the recipient of a 2 Gb memory stick or perhaps a speaker phone for your cell phone. How about a headset. Deadline for submission is Sunday.


– Austin

3 thoughts on “Bring Us Your Lame Viral Videos, Yearning to be Ridiculed…

  1. jloveland says:

    I’d nominate the following as one of the best, but I imagine the people at Dove soap who got talked into sponsoring this video contest by some eager young marketer would nominate it for one of the worst.

    WARNING: Don’t go here if profane language and subject matter are upsetting.

  2. I’d nominate the Harley “Creed” video as one of the best. It makes a direct emotional connection with the ethos of the target audience, resulting in a ton of positive viewer comments. It doesn’t get much better than that. And it’s not bad viewing even if you’ve never thrown your leg over a Hog. (Disclosure: I used to work at Carmichael Lynch, the agency that produced the video.)

  3. Curtis says:

    Good call, John. I agree. (Disclosure: I work at Carmichael Lynch Spong.)

    I really like the Will It Blend series. I have to imagine this guy is selling a lot of blenders.

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