A Summer Home in Reality

John McCain deserves to be the successor to George W. Bush.

Here’s McCain’s situation: He’s dropped to fourth in the polls, his fundraising has been limp, he has less cash on hand than Ron Paul, the campaign has spent $24 million with not a single ad reaching TV, two-thirds of the campaign staff was laid off last week, his two top people in the campaign were fired this week following nasty infighting, the national media is writing stories about whether he can stay in the race, and even the rats in his Iowa campaign office are tunneling into adjoining buildings (OK I made that part up).

And here’s McCain’s statement when asked by reporters this week if his campaign is in trouble: “No, no, no, no. I’d describe the campaign as going well. I’m very happy with it.”

Would you buy an assessment of the war in Iraq from this man? I admired McCain in the 2000 campaign and lamented when the Rove slime machine brought him down in South Carolina. But the Straight Talk Express has thrown a rod. George Bush can stand knee-deep in pig shit and insist the air smells fine and his shoes are clean. And now we know John can stand right there with him.

My wife, Lisa, has a lapel button she’s proud of: “I live in another dimension, but I have a summer home in reality.”

Time to hit the beach, John.

— Benidt