A New Rowdy Joins the Crowd

Below is Ellen Mrja’s first post as a member of The Same Rowdy Crowd. You can see her brief bio at “Who are those guys?” Here’s what you should know about Ellen: Her laugh is maniacal and lovely and lights up a room; she knows and cares more about First Amendment issues than anyone I know; she’s a wicked smartass; she avidly watched — live — every twist and turn of O.J.’s white Bronco chase, howling at the idiot media coverage and the idiocy of watching it all; for decades she’s inspired, cajoled and browbeaten college students to sharpen up their communication; and I once said of her, “When Ellen walks into a room, matches ignite.”  We welcome Ellen (her last name’s pronounced Mur-zhah), and you will too.  –Benidt

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