Hedge Fun

Once again, the mainstream media was scooped by a new media reporter covering the pressing issues they so arrogantly ignore.

Last week, the intrepid investigative reporter at www.minnesotademocratsexposed.com disclosed the “turn ons” listed on the match.com page of Independence Party official Dean Barkley. It seems former U.S. Senator Barkley favors candlelight, dancing, and, tee hee, even slightly racier things.

Can you imagine?? I frankly was OUTRAGED that he didn’t list gettin’ caught in the rain or pina coladas!!! Neanderthal.

Building on that stellar journalistic record, today we see a snapshot, presumably composed from the Michelle Bachman Memorial Hedge, of a sedan that looks like – insert scary cello music here — former Attorney General Hatch’s sedan parked outside the Capitol Building. And, it looks to me to be suspiciously close to the divider line!

Thank goodness we have the new media on the scene. Can a Pulitzer be far away?

– Loveland