Denial Accomplished

How can it be that a poll in Newsweek this week shows that 41 percent of the American public STILL think that Saddam Hussein was “directly involved in planning, financing, or carrying out” the September 11 attacks?

False Bush administration inferences going unchallenged by the so-called “liberal media?” Yes, but another factor might be that so many Americans are increasingly tuning out Iraq war news altogether.

From 2004 to 2006, the Pew Research Center found that the number of Americans who say they’ve been following news about Iraq “very closely” fell 5 percent among Democrats, and almost 4 times faster (18 percent) among Republicans.

– Loveland

2 thoughts on “Denial Accomplished

  1. When Dick Cheney says he’s not part of the executive branch, and the whole country doesn’t break out laughing, is it because we’ll swallow anything, or because nobody really gives a shit anymore?
    If a liar falls in the forest, and nobody says he didn’t fall, did he?

  2. jloveland says:

    Cheyney understands that the founding fathers actually intended us to have “checks and checks,” rather than “checks and balances,” but they were misquoted by the liberal media of the day.

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