Sergeant Rock (Hudson)

The Freedom of Information Act keeps our democracy healthy and our public officials accountable. And sometimes it even helps us bust a gut.

So it goes with the recent disclosure that the Pentagon in the early 1990s reportedly considered building a new kind of H-bomb, one that would release a chemical that would make opposing heterosexual soldiers into homosexual soldiers. Because homosexuals are obsessed with gay sex, the top brass’s theory apparently went, the well-aimed missile would make opposing armies more interested in making love than war.

I can’t write any more without getting myself in trouble.

– Loveland

4 thoughts on “Sergeant Rock (Hudson)

  1. Gives a new meaning to “missile defense.” Or Dr. Strangelove terms like “throw weight” and “dense pack.” Mutually assured destruction becomes mutually assured desire.
    I’ll stop now.

  2. jl says:

    A flaw in their theory: As long as it takes men to re-load their weapons, there would still be ample time to make war.

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