$portsmanship, Yankee $tyle

Roger Clemens has signed with the Yankees for one million smackers a game.

This paragon of sportsmanship said Sunday that he’s coming to New York for one purpose — to win a world championship. “Anything else is a failure,” he said.

A failure? Way to communicate a great example.

If you try hard, play fair, do your damnedest and fall short, you’re a failure. Thanks, Rocket. From all of us who haven’t won a Pulitzer, Nobel Prize, American Idol coronation, Stupid Bowl, spelling bee, state championship or chile cookoff — thanks a lot for calling us losers.

You gotta pity George Steinbrenner and the whole Yankee coven. They pay all the money in the world trying to buy their way to the top, and way more often than not it doesn’t work. Ain’t this America? Shouldn’t money be able to buy you any damn thing you want?

Yes, Roger’s a strong competitor. And trying hard is good. But Roger is also an odious creep. He flung Mike Piazza’s broken bat back at Mike some years ago — a sharp shard of hardwood that could have pierced Piazza’s eye. It was clearly assault with a deadly weapon. But oh, that’s just Roger. A minor leaguer threw a bat at an ump — a whole bat, less deadly than a fractured one — and he got suspended for 50 games. But The Rocket — he’s a good example. For aspiring Enron execs.

Sorry, Roger. I’ll be pulling for every batter against you. Justin, Torii, Cuddy, take aim at them fences. Let’s make The Rocket chomp on his words.

— Benidt

3 thoughts on “$portsmanship, Yankee $tyle

  1. jloveland says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Rocket saying not achieving his goal constitutes failure for him, but I have a big problem with MLB not sharing more revenue between teams, so that only a few teams can afford to buy their way back into contention when things go sour. Sports that have come closer to achieving parity, such as the NFL, hold more fans interest, because more cities feel their team is a legitimate contender, or could soon be one. Not so for the likes of the Devil Rays, Royals, Brewers, Pirates, Rockies, Reds…

  2. Dave Jackson says:

    I don’t mind Clemens, though I hate to see him go to New York. The Piazza incident wasn’t any different than Bob Gibson brushing back hitters for digging into the box or Don Drysdale knocking a guy down after hitting a home run. For Clemens, it’s always been about intimidation, and that’s what made him the best pitcher of my lifetime. Maddux or Glavine can outthink you, but Clemens has a psychological edge every time you step to the plate.

    Joe’s right on about the disparity in baseball, but nothing is going to change. Selig is powerless, Fehr is intractable, and both sides are making too much money to care what we think.


  3. Lurker says:

    Every big league sport needs a guy with a black jock strap who fans can choose to love or hate. It’s clear Clemens has his posse of fans as well as tribes who much prefer to shoot arrows at his behavior and/or ability on the mound. NASCAR had Dale Earnhardt, the NFL had Dick Butkus, the NBA had Bill Laimbeer. What do they all have in common? They were great at what they did and had a cock-sure attitude to carry them through their lulls. Clemens falls right into the category. He’s risking a bit, coming out of retirement, because the bats today are going to swing at him to prove he’s lost his edge. Well before the season ends we’ll know if Steinbrenner’s Yankees got what they paid for.

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