Spring Dreams

Some lyrical stuff floating back and forth on this blog about baseball. The Twins are 2-0, there’ s snow on the ground and it’s 19 degrees outside, perfect outdoor baseball weather.

Take a three-minute break and listen to James Earl Jones talk about baseball and dreams, from Field of Dreams.  (And anybody who’s coaching an executive on giving better presentations, have her or him watch this for pacing, pausing, variety and voice.)


3 thoughts on “Spring Dreams

  1. Becky Lentz says:

    Still one of the best (and one of my favorite) movies. In Bruce’s critical writing class–in which we learned to spell judgment without an “e”–he had us read “Shoeless Joe” and then watch “Field of Dreams.” The assignment: Write a paper comparing the two. One of the best assignments in college.

  2. The G.O.K. says:

    Opening Day 2007 for the Minnesota Twins…perfection.

    I’m a newbie; would have posted earlier but Benidt hid this website awfully deep. Hi Bruce, Eileen, Jermey, others who matriculated at MSU and stole the best years of my life, not to mention my mind.

    Opening Day for the Minnesota Twins…Santana (golden), back-to-back Jacks from Morneau and Hunter, Rondell White doing it right, Mauer safe on second but robbed by ump, who was also safe thanks to the ‘no instant replay rule for disputed calls’rule…the idiot who ran across the field, dodging and weaving from eight security guys, one of whom took him down and screamed, “Stay down, bitch!”

    You gotta love this game.

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