This has been pre-read

My wife Lisa loves to be outraged by bullshit language.

As the snow piled up today, she heard on the radio that many flights at the Minneapolis airport were “pre-cancelled.”

This is the same woman who almost strangles a gate agent when he announces “pre-boarding.” As we get ready to leave a plane are we pre-emptying? Pre-landing would save a lot of time and trouble and we could skip all this boarding and pre-boarding.

I’m going to tell my clients I’ll be pre-vacationing. In fact, I’m working on pre-retiring.

Maybe we should have a category on this blog for language outrages. What have you heard lately?

And this just just in, from The Weather Channel, 10:32 p.m., video of snow blowing sideways, “And the entire state of Iowa has been declared a disaster area.”



4 thoughts on “This has been pre-read

  1. Bill Dewey says:

    She doesn’t read the obituaries? Let’s all hear a scream of outrage at ‘predecesaed!!!’

  2. I once heard a meteorologist say that we had “a lot of weather out there,” as if white, fluffy “weather” has been falling from the sky for the past few days.

  3. Lurker says:

    As a native of the Hawkeye state I have to say “Ouch!” to the Iowa jab! You truly can’t say you’ve lived until you spend a day south of the Minnesota border…and I promise, it will only seem like a year.

    On the suggestion of a special category for language outrages, I say go for it! My first entry would be the difference between “that” and “who.” As I tried to explain to my 16-year-old daughter who’s learning and loving the English language, people are “who” and things are “that.” Example: Patients that/who have heart conditions should not shovel snow. Am I the only one who bristles at this?

  4. Benidt says:

    Lurker, I’ve tried to get my students at St. Thomas to get the who/that difference, and it’s rather a losing battle. I mark it up on their papers and say things such as “it’s people who and muskrats that…” and they look at me as if I’m from Pluto.
    But keep fighting the good fight. I think it matters,

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