This has been pre-read

My wife Lisa loves to be outraged by bullshit language.

As the snow piled up today, she heard on the radio that many flights at the Minneapolis airport were “pre-cancelled.”

This is the same woman who almost strangles a gate agent when he announces “pre-boarding.” As we get ready to leave a plane are we pre-emptying? Pre-landing would save a lot of time and trouble and we could skip all this boarding and pre-boarding.

I’m going to tell my clients I’ll be pre-vacationing. In fact, I’m working on pre-retiring.

Maybe we should have a category on this blog for language outrages. What have you heard lately?

And this just just in, from¬†The Weather Channel, 10:32 p.m., video of snow blowing sideways, “And the entire state of Iowa has been declared a disaster area.”