Blah, Blah, Blog

I hate blogs. Self-centered., self-righteous, self-reinforcing, and self-promotional. self-gratification. Seldom right, but never in doubt. I’ve never posted on one, and only read when forced by a friend or client.

So why did I agreed to do this? They bought me beer. Lots of it.

I guess I do need a primal scream about the state of the world, and this is cheaper than a therapist. Anyway, it’s not like anyone is actually going to read it.

So, there. Now I officially blog. But I’m not a blogger. Those guys are freaks. I guess I’ll start by sucking up to a reporter who actually did his job. Probably the single least challenged assertion in American politics is “tax cuts create jobs.” The Star Tribune’s Dave Hage did a nice job busting the grandest myth of American politics.

So now I’m sure every time a politician makes this baseless assertion, he or she will be confronted by newly enlightened reporters armed with the data from this article.

Some blog should really track that.

– Joe Loveland